instruments for
the veterinary

As a partner for surgical procedures, we work accurately to the smallest aspect of execution. By using best materials and ensuring that precise standards are met in

every step of the manufacturing and finishing process we achieve convenient and highest quality products which meet the needs of discerning veterinary professionals.

General Surgical Instruments

The portfolio of ABARUT general instruments is selected to fulfill the needs for routine surgical procedures.

Ophthalmic Instruments

Offering a range of basic instruments for the delicate ophthalmic surgery, we are pleased to work with you on anything of more specific needs.

Dental Instruments

The solid range of dental instruments has been chosen to cover the broad aspects of oral health care procedures of veterinary dentistry.

The fruitful combination of ABARUT™’s carefully manufactured and custom-tailored products, availability, unbeatable delivery times and expert advice result in an excellent solution for the veterinary market.

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ABARUT veterinary catalogue

If you can’t find a specific instrument
in the selection please let us know.
We make it available for you.